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Friday, September 21, 2018

How To Join

Dermatologists Annual Dues: $250

NOTE:  Because the ODA is a non-profit organization (501-c-6), the ODA annual dues of $250 must be divided as follows:  $200 = general operating expenses and $50 = government relations (lobbyist).  The latter amount is not tax deductible as it is used for political action, and monies in the general fund cannot be used for such a reason.  Therefore, that amount is transferred to another account, which is authorized to pay for a lobbyist.
Residents and Fellows Annual Dues: $0

Physician Extenders  Annual Dues: $187.50

Applications may be completed now and forwarded as indicated. 
The ODA Bylaws state:  Physician Extender  -  Any individual meeting the following criteria:  
(1) hold a license from the Ohio Medical or Nursing Board to practice as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner and
(2) is currently employed by a physician who holds Fellow or Associate membership in the ODA.  
If the individual ceases to be employed by a Fellow or Associate member of the ODA, they shall be automatically dropped from the roll of the Corporation.  They shall immediately be eligible for membership if employed by a Member or Fellow of the ODA in the future but must pay a new membership fee.  Physician Extender members may not hold office in the Corporation but may serve on committees at the discretion of the President.

Membership Benefits

1. ODA Annual Scientific Meeting - membership fee instead of non-member fee (difference of $500)
2. Representation to: Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee American Academy of Dermatology, Ohio State Medical Association

3. Representation to the Ohio State Medical Board and Ohio State Legislature through the paid lobbyist
4. Dues and meeting registration payable on website
5. Receiving the "ODA Alert" by email - a way of disseminating information to our members quickly.
6. Opportunities to serve the dermatological community in the state by becoming a trustee, officer, or committee chair/ be in a leadership role and affect positive changes and activity for all Ohio derms.
7. Receive ODA newsletters throughout the year.
8. Camaraderie/interaction/networking with most dermatologists throughout Ohio
9. Mentoring dermatology residents through the ODA Mentoring Program
10. Input/planning of future ODA annual meetings
11. We are a great resource for our members in supplying answers to practice/clinical questions.

12. A Member Directory, which is optional for our members...includes hours, clinical emphasis, and clinical/surgical expertise.

13. Access to Members Only section of our website, including Board Minutes Archive, ODA Alerts Archive, and Newsletters Archive
14. Support the missions of the specialty through lobbyists
15. Access to e-mail addresses of ODA representatives and selected shared contact information from members in a members only directory.
16. MOC modules (general derm & surgical derm) offered at the annual meeting...25 questions...approved by the ABD.
17. Each member has a vote at the annual business meeting.  Make a difference in YOUR ODA!
18. ODA membership certificate, which can be framed for display in your office.
19. The opportunity to be a speaker at the annual meeting.
20. ODA members are eligible to be nominated by another member to receive the annual ODA Distinguished Service Award.
21. Participate in our "Sunscreen Event", a service to the community annually in each of our three districts.

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Contact the ODA

Ohio Dermatological Association
698 Dalton Fox Lake Road
Dalton, OH 44618

Executive Director: Jill Hostetler
Office: 330.465.8281

Fax: 330.985.0036

E-mail Jill Hostetler

Webmaster: Matt Molenda, M.D.

      ODA Officers


President: Jennifer Ridge, MD (Middletown)

Secretary: Timothy Chang, MD (Beachwood)

Treasurer: Louis L. Barich, MD (Hamilton) 

President Elect: Christine Jaworsky, MD (Beachwood)

Past President: Shannon Trotter, DO (Columbus and Springfield)